What is a Residential Parking Permit (RPP)? What do I need to obtain a RPP?
Permit Qualifications
Permits are issued only to those individuals who supply the proper identification, and each permit is identified with a specific vehicle. You cannot obtain a permit for someone else's vehicle and no one else can get one for your vehicle; this is for your own protection and is applied equally to all requests. In some cases, such as military, the type of identification required and proof of residency may vary; but, for most requests, identification is required through:
1. The driver's license for each registered driver in the household, which must reflect the address in the RPPP area
2. The vehicle registration, which must reflect the same address as on the driver's license, for each vehicle requiring a permit; and
3. Proof of residency, which usually can be demonstrated by providing a lease agreement, a rent receipt or utility bill that contains your name and the same address in the RPPP area as the other two items
Temporary Passes
Temporary passes, which are valid for a maximum of 72 hours, are issued at the Police Department offices at the Police Headquarters Building, which is located at 9710 Jefferson Avenue.
Residential Parking Permit Information

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