Residential Parking Permit Program


In order to obtain a residential parking permit for those designated areas in the City of Newport News, Section 26-221 of the City Code, you must bring verification to the Permits Office, Department of Engineering, 7th Floor, 757-933-2311. The cost of each permit is $6, and must be renewed annually. The Residential Parking Permit Program (RPPP) Resolution (PDF) in effect on February 1, 2009. You can obtain a RPPP petition (PDF) and parking map (PDF) online.

Permit Qualifications

Permits are issued only to those individuals who supply the proper identification, and each permit is identified with a specific vehicle. You cannot obtain a permit for someone else's vehicle and no one else can get one for your vehicle; this is for your own protection and is applied equally to all requests. In some cases, such as military, the type of identification required and proof of residency may vary; but, for most requests, identification is required through:

  • The driver's license for each registered driver in the household, which must reflect the address in the RPPP area
  • The vehicle registration, which must reflect the same address as on the driver's license, for each vehicle requiring a permit; and
  • Proof of residency, which usually can be demonstrated by providing a lease agreement, a rent receipt or utility bill that contains your name and the same address in the RPPP area as the other two items

Temporary Passes

Temporary passes, which are valid for a maximum of 72 hours, are issued at the Police Department offices at the Police Headquarters Building, which is located at 9710 Jefferson Avenue.