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The 1st Renew Employee Wellness Program 3×3 Employee Basketball Tournament

The Renew Employee Wellness Program 3×3 Basketball Tournament was held on Saturday, June 22, 2019 at Warwick Recreation Center. This was the first basketball tournament for city employees and the gym was packed. Excitement, fun, music and comradery filled the air as family, friends and co-worker cheered on their favorite teams.

Thank you to all of our participants and to everyone that came out to show support!! 

And a special THANK YOU to:

  • AJ Dickerson of Public Works – Wastewater for presenting the idea and helping with the organization of the event. 
  • Everett “Sonny” Seay, Administrative Deputy Treasurer, for being an integral part in the event and for officiating games.
  • Parks, Recreation & Tourism for assisting with the brackets and facility.
  • Fire – EMS for helping all players with any aid that was needed.

Here are the winners!

Champions - YP

Tournament Champions: YP of the Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department (Gold Medals and $75 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift cards)

  • Michael Daniels
  • Lawrence Kirby
  • Joe Miller
  • Lando Morrison, III

3plus2 Fire Runners Up

Runners Up: 3+2 of the Fire Department (Silver Medals and $50 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift cards)

  • James Bidnick
  • Stephen Bryant
  • Diontae Davis
  • Marcus Drewery
  • Billy King

Free Throw Winner - Eugene Whitaker

Free Throw Contest Winner: Eugene Whitaker of  the Public Works Department - Stormwater (Gold Medal and $15 Target gift card)

3 Point Winner - Lando Morrison

3-Point Contest Winner: Lando Morrison, III of the Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department - Youth Programs (Gold Medal and $15 Target gift card)

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