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2018 Building Partnerships

The Sustainability Division is dedicated to creating and maintaining partnerships throughout the Newport News community. Partnerships like those with Christopher Newport University, The Green Foundation- Newport News, and Newport News Master Gardeners are important in fulfilling our sustainability mission. This year was better than ever with volunteer participation from students during the One City Marathon and collaboration on green space projects.

2018 Internship Program

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The City of Newport News works with college undergraduate and graduate students to promote the working relationships with universities and local governments. These Town and Gown relationships allow students to gain hands on experience while giving the City fresh perspective and innovative ideas. The Sustainability Division Intern position provides support for green initiatives and community outreach, in addition to gaining exposure to project management and sustainable government projects.

2018 Green Clean Institute Gold Certification throughout the City

The City of Newport News Department of Public Works’ Operations Building is working to bring the Green Clean Institute Gold Certification to more facilities within the City. This rigorous certification is achieved through initiatives such as using ecofriendly soaps, cleaners and equipment, as well as managing recyclable and waste material.

As a part of the City’s plan to implement environmentally sustainable practices, the Building Services Division recently contracted janitorial services and supply contracts that align with Sustainability’s mission, and will continue to do so for other qualifying buildings. The Sustainability Division’s mission is to ensure the City operates in a way that is economically, environmentally and socially responsible.