Baptist Run Stream Mitigation

Updated April 2017

​This project was successfully completed in December 2016.  We will monitor the performance of the improved channel and plantings within the corridor for 10 years in accordance with the Compensation Plan and our Individual Permit.
​Updated: September 2016
​Construction began in mid-August and the project is on-schedule for completion by the end of the year.
​Updated: June 2016

Newport News Waterworks Department is currently undertaking a project to replace the century old dam on Lee Hall Reservoir. This project will include the total demolition and replacement of the old dam and construction of a new armored auxiliary spillway. As a result of this work some wetlands and tributaries in the area of the dam construction will be impacted. To mitigate for these impacts Newport News Waterworks will be conducting a steam restoration project on Baptist Run in York County. Upstream residential development and undersized culverts have caused Baptist Run to degrade severely in recent years.

This mitigation project will restore the stream banks, channel and flood plain to a more natural condition along 1700 feet of the tributary. Since Baptist Run is a tributary that feeds directly into the Lee Hall Reservoir, this project will not only improve the stream and aquatic habitat in the area, it will also help to improve the water quality of the reservoir. Work on the Baptist Run restoration project will begin this summer and is scheduled to be completed by late November 2016.