Actions & Resolutions

City Council actions taken on agenda items for the current calendar year are listed below. If you are interested in actions from previous years, they can be viewed by visiting our Meeting Search page.

  1. July 13
  2. July 9
  3. June 25
  4. June 11
  5. May 28
  6. May 14
  7. April 23
  8. April 9
  9. March 26
  10. March 12
  11. February 26
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  13. January 22
  14. January 8

July 13 Actions & Resolutions

  • Ordinance 7567-19: Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 7473-18 to Increase the Dimensions of Easements to be Acquired at 4002 and 4004 Campbell Road; Authorizing the City Manager to Make Offers to Acquire, By Purchase or Condemnation, Portions of Property Interests for the Campbell Road Improvements Project, to Provide Funds for this Purpose; and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute All Documents Necessary to Effectuate the Acquisition
  • Ordinance 7568-19: Ordinance Amending City Code, Chapter 15, Elections; Article I., Voting Precincts; Section 15-47, Voting Places in Respective Voting Precincts
  • Ordinance 7569-19: Ordinance Amending and Reordaining City Code, Chapter 22, Library System; Article III., Law Library; Section 22-39, Availability of Books, Reports and Papers to Public and Removal of Same From Library
  • Ordinance 7570-19: Ordinance Authorizing an Encroachment Upon the 23rd Street Right-of-Way and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute an Encroachment Agreement Between the City of Newport News, Virginia and Railhouse, LLC
  • Resolution 13244-19: Resolution Authorizing and Directing the City Manager to Execute a Lease By and Between the City of Newport News, Virginia and Blue Canon, LLC, for General Office/Storage Space Located at 802 Blue Crab Road, Suite 500
  • Resolution 13245-19: Resolution Endorsing the Submission of the Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) Grant Application for the Nettles Drive Sidewalk Improvement Project
  • Resolution 13246-19: Department of Engineering - Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) Hampton Trunk A & B Replacement Along Jefferson Avenue - $682,682.00
  • Resolution 13247-19: Resolution Approving the Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) for Fiscal Year 2020 - 2024 for the City of Newport News, Virginia