Board of Review of Real Estate Assessments

The Board of Review holds their annual organizational meeting and  all hearings at:
700 Town Center Drive
Newport News, VA 23606
Pursuant to Chapter 12, Section 12.03, of the Charter of the City of Newport News (as amended by the 1960 Acts of the General Assembly of Virginia), the Board of Review of Real Estate Assessments will sit between September 1 and November 30 of each year for the purpose of equalizing real estate assessments in the City of Newport News, Virginia. 
Citizens may request that the assessed value of their property be reevaluated by the Board of Review of Real Estate Assessments. The Board of Review is appointed annually by the judges of the Newport News Circuit Court to hear and give consideration to appeals from property owners in regard to the equalization of real estate assessments. Applications for a hearing are available by contacting the Administrative Assistant to the Board of Review in the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office at 757-926-8752 or by email.

Applications and Instructions

The 2020-21 applications will be accepted July 1 through September 1, 2020. The postmark date, or the date the application is delivered in person to the Administrative Assistant in the office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, will determine timeliness. An application postmarked or delivered in person after the deadline of September 1, 2020 will not be accepted.

Board of Review Hearing Dates

  • 2020 Board of Review Schedule
    (Will be posted in September 2020)


Administrative Assistant to the Board of Review
c/o Commissioner of the Revenue
2400 Washington Avenue
Newport News, VA 23607


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